silent bob beautiful, inspiring, my first, my love, my only, punk, darkside, my favorite, so far away, my rummy, without me, i love her, i adore her, i desire her, i lust for her, i need her, need her. 000601
annoying doubt They only hurt you in the end... 000602
silentbob But at least i have someone now, instead of prolonging my never ending darkness. why make the end now? thats why im in this in the first place. to prove that it CAN be done. and if i cant at least i can say i speak from experience. but i dont want to believe that it cant be done. and so i will always try to keep it going. until the end. 000603
annoying doubt No, what I meant was,
they will hurt you in your end.
Like with a strap-on.
silentbob Yeah, but i'll probably get off on it, so it will be all good 000604
silentbob You gave your love to me softly
I heard your heart
Beating true
Still your Bijon lingers on and on and on
You gave your love to me softly
When I'm feeling blue and lonely
All I have to do is think of you
We had just one night
But it lingers on and on and on
You gave your love to me softly
La la la you sang to me
Baby don't you cry
Put your arms around me child
And lay with me tonight
You gave your love to me softly La la la
La la la
La la la la la la la
silentbob you're the one for me
and i'm_the_one for you
ilove you
and i love to kiss your beautiful face
and rub my fingers across your eyelid, wiping off your make up and pissing you off. then i kiss you to make it up to you
jennifer a. ++ALICIA JOHNSON++

this one's for you girl. i started you on this path. i am here (under crimson_piles or jennifer or jennifer a.) there are many of us jennifers but you will know which are mine.

follow me if you will.

this place reeks of inspiration.
tisha beauty =) 020714
James T. McRae Is unseen yet from the words of silent bob I see the unseen and I see the true beauty laid out in the name that falls on ever devouring ears 'alicia' 030129
she puts tampons in the toilet and then
screams shut the fuck up
you can put those in there
even after the tiolet overflows with blood
a-non-living-warped-dummy silverstone? 040821
peyton dawn
or the coming of the train
i can't tell
but i do know
this isn't how you spell it
what's it to you?
who go