Quack A lot of females have vanities with mirrors.

But I'd choose life any day.
vega Perhaps the females you oh-so disparingly refer to have vanities because their sick male dominated worlds validate them merely through such demeaning methods. 000228
vega A lot of males have vanities, they are just well concealed. 000228
miniver I haven't actually read that many books, you know. Nope. I'm just smart, that's all. And probably even cleverer than I am smart. The few books I've read, I have read well, and I have loved them all. I'm smart enough to know how to sound smart to certain people. I'm smart enough to know how to surprise people, a little -- to know my advantages, and to unhealthily, neurotically suppress my disadvantages.

Well, that's not too smart, I suppose...but it gives me neurotic and interesting opinions, once in a while, and I wouldn't give those up for the world. Or, at least, not 'til I'm old and have only enough energy left to be 'wise'.

For now, though, I'm just smart. And, of course, it's been nothing I've actually earned. Although, it does take a lot of never stop thinking, and be continuously arguing against everything, way in the back of my mind somewhere.

I think people must have some tragedy about their lives, and if that be the case, then mine is this: I am not passionate about anything. I am really good at many things, but I don't particularly care about them. I can't! And, I've tried! Sometimes, I care about being certain things, or having other people acknowledge me as being certain things...but I can't seem to care about the things that would make me those things!

I could be strong, and just, you know,...'go forth', and live, and whatever it is that strong people do. 'cause I know they exist. And they are doing something, out there, right? I guess that's what I'm doing, anyway. There is only one way to avoid life, after all.
girl there are a lot of guys who have vanities about mirrors too. i know several that spend more time in front of the bathroom mirror primping to go to school or work or out than me or my girlfriends when we're getting ready to go somewhere.
its weird because yeah you might think that girls are supposed to spend hours getting ready to go somewhere but there are infact lots of guys who spend lots of time making sure their "look" is just perfect
phil some girls have vanities that are always open 020320
phil becuase they are stuck that way 020320
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