Quintessensual let me blatantly advertise this excellent survey that everyone of you wordsmith(ie)s should take - see where you lay, so to speak - 991020
Tank please go here:

and fill out my very important philosophical questionnaire.

tankgreendotcom for that cuntalicious feeling baybe yeah!
kx21 ...
A universal tool to create more LIARS?
gertrude sting on a scale of 1-10 rank your preference of opus', manifesto', name your favorite flavored aspirin. 020807
jackie "richard dawson" mc cracken ...says


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according to a recent survey, THIS is what's_for_dinner
Strideo Geez . . . so this random person calls and I'm about to hang up on her because I think she is a telemarketer, but then I hear the word "survey". Hmmm, I geuss I can let some advertising company pick my brain _ who knows maybe my opinion matters. Anyhow, I answered her questons concerning the movies "Spy Hunter", "Mission Impossible 3", and "xXx : State of the Union". :P It took way longer than I would have expected and I told her I was "probably not interested" in seeing these, "probably not interested" being one of your choices in the survey. I was really begining to wonder if I was wasting my time after a while because part of the survey consisted of the girl reading rather long descriptions of the movies and then me saying one the answer phrases like "probably not interested" or "definately interested". It was kind of funny though when she asked if I lived in a city, suburb, suburb of a large city, suburb of a small city, or the country and I said "uh, suburb of a large city" and she said "what city?" and I replied "Atlanta" and then she said "oh! you in georgia ain't you?"
pigeon i used to work for a survey company. it was rather fun. the office was located in the mall, and when i got the position of night/weekend manager i hired all my mall rat friends to conduct the surveys. and we kicked ass. who says being a mall rat can't pay the bills. 040808
uow i never filled out the survey from my hospital visit last summer.
not everyone got a survey.
i was one of them specially selected people that randomly gets one.
but i didn't fill it out.
i probably should've.
it was for important stuff.
() ( i just filled out an online survey pertaining to my health status as a 911 survivor. it was a very emotional experience. the questions were very specific. ) 061215
nom .() 061215
BnB I love taking surveys.
I take them all the time.
Well... except when those surveys ask me for my name and location, then I lie. :P
what's it to you?
who go