psyki we've known about you for a long time.
we've been watching you since the beginning.
Marjorie sollen.
nicht sollen.
I don't speak what I'd like.
I should be talking here even
I should be reading a book.
I should be making myself a better person.
I should be making decisions.
you should be examining that small flower over there
Because it's about to die.
I think so anyway
Casey I shouldn't have left her standing there. Her heart was in my palm, and I crushed it. I shouldn't have walked out that door with her longing blue eyes only seeing my back. 010625
ancient nose fucker you be picking your nose right now? 010630
Casey You shouldn't leave your kids in a non-running car alone during the summer. Some people are fucking stupid 010701
Lindsey i shouldn't be letting him do this to me right now. i should be able to walk away and never think of him again. but i can't do that. and i shouldn't. 020117
ClairE If I am walking down the road and run across this word, I don't step around it. I plop myself down on the grass and make everyone else stop, too, hot and sticky and out of breath, and make a decision on which fork to take. I have to have a reason for everything. 020118
4thdimension but I should. So should you. Go do it. 021009
blown cherry I shouldn't count on things
like you being around.
Fuck. I even left my car outside your house today cause I thought you'd be there when I finished.
outov shouldn't say should wouldn't
wouldn't say would couldn't
couldn't say could shouldn't
outov shouldn't say could wouldn't
couldn't say would shouldn't
wouldn't say should couldn't
anne-girl i don't like this word
least of all when i use it myself
it implies judgement of some sort...

what's 'right' and 'wrong'
and i don't even know if there even is right and wrong, or just shades of grey
no reason shouldn't people want do do things that would make you happy?
shouldn't people want to do things with you that would make them happy?
shouldn't these be the same things?
shouldn't people want?
shouldn't people want as much as other people want?
shouldn't shouldn't shouldn't shouldn't spoo?
z should is the most dangerous word in the english language 080409
They call me Truth why is should dangerous? 080409
unhinged and i didn't
for once
unhinged (should is always the first sign of danger) 080409
z should is laden with expectation. it is judgement, implicitly, it is often a lever of coercion. 080410
sameolme It's full of conflicting emotion.
"I will" or "I won't" are clear.
unhinged carrier of guilt 080410
what's it to you?
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