amy random: men cat confusion

the cat scratched my belly
i woke to find this morning
ha, i said, that's funny
when'd i get a cat?
sadgoat Light scratch sweet affection.
Deep scratch roused lust.
Sharp scratch primal rage.
Cat scratch she sleep outside.
Aaron i love it when the DJ goes "wika wika wika" on the turn tables. the sound of the scratch just runs wild. nowhere can it be herd the same. oh i love it when the DJ goesss scratch scratch. 000818
Tank member of the Roots. An amazingly talented human turntablist! 000818
moonshine lol..oh and when they trainwreck 000818
thieums After smoking a pile of hash
I started coding an OS from scratch
The old chimney was running out of ash
The freaking place was as cold as a marsh.
Deomis scratch 'n sniff stickers
ethereal Scratch in the dark of the night
Tear a whole through my skin
Let me know that you love me

Scratch in the beating rain
Draw a dark blood to the surface
Show me your pain

Scratch in the fakeness of day
Make me cry from weakness
Sing the song of tomorrow lost

Scratch beneath my coldest heart
Flood my life with a shadow
Lead the way to forever
kelsey Im always scrathing my body, everywhere, places that aren't itchy and then they seem itchy so i keep scrathing and then i glow all red. And when i really do itch, usually the culprit would be a misquito bite, i scratch and bleed. Then i scratch blood. Then scratch scabs. And then before you know it, im scratching a scar.
Today i was washing paper machet' off my hands, and i think my scars showed a little, and i think maybe this kid saw.. my sleeve quickly covered and then i gave him eye contact. I saw something. Maybe it was pain, depression or who knows what. All i know is that it was sickly beautiful. We're making paper machet' masks and im making marilyn manson because i am extremely jealous of whoever owns one of those real face plasters of his.
(_) nails. skin. scab. pick. blood. easy. red. pain. lovely. fast. sting. simple. beautiful. can't . . .

. . . NO.
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