unhinged am i alone in here
knew you were here
sister confirms suspicions
and besides the note you left on my
bed where i held you so close
did you think i'd forget
couldn't be more of a mess
for to breathe used to be another
way i'd take you in
well it's time to wake up
and separate feelings
that i keep falling into
each seem like good reasons
but i feel a breakdown
i don't care if it shows up
i'm praying this for you
til it's answered i'll say
now it seems there's a choice
that began with a break
so today know that never again
will i know you that way
am i alone in here

so fucking lost one lonely night
the same lonely night repeated over
and over

too hard to hold
too hard to let go

and i thought i was ready
'till the decesion arrived
raevyn i thought i'd come to a fork in the road when i approached this place. but all i've done thus far, is hit a wall. my hands, shakey, take the time to find their way to an opening. but they can't seem to feel their way to it.

i've screamed my way in, but i'm all by myself. i'm just one more name inscribed. just another visitor on this road to nowhere. one lonely visitor struggling to find her way in life.

i've been left behind. if i can't find my way, what will become of me?
dandy you'll survive.

You could scale the wall, disassemble it, come back where you came from though the road will both look different and feel different because the journey has changed you and you have changed you and are steadily changing you still
unhinged in damian's pick-up truck at 8am with no sleep, he was sitting on my lap. me and damian singing along and for the first time the answer 'no' echoed in my head as the dude was singing 'am i alone in here?'

i miss him, sadly enough
i find there aren't many people in the world
with the right words to help
when i feel this shitty
and he didn't even need words
just hugs, cuddles, deep glances
i miss him
if he misses me too
what's it to you?
who go