DannyH Ah, the potent glimpse of the orangutan makes my legs yearn for jelly. It is no secret that I have been sitting on my arse for some time and there is no remedy for that except for the bland and empty meandering of a mind long unfurled from misuse atrophy of repeated piling of shit into a corner, then spreading it all out again.
Mushroom soup. One of the very few truly grey foods. It tastes like fungus for godís sake. We love it. If you upped the concentration it would turn black. There are even less black foods than there are grey ones. Black pudding - made from blood and guts, caviar - fish periods. Thatís all I can think of. Try to describe the taste of a mushroom and you find yourself referring to things that have no place in the discourse of food. It tastes like iron, like earth or grit. The mushroom is the closest thing vegetarians have to meat, to its succulence and fleshiness. Tofu offers none of the same excitement. It is the only non-animal with a sense of danger.
The hallucinogenic properties of mushrooms are milder and accompanied with more euphoria than LSD. I have only heard horror stories second hand from people who have never actually taken it. Many of my friends swear by mushrooms, often known as shrooms in a narcotic context, as the best tripping experience. What is more, at the right time of year they can be obtained for free. I have heard it said that golf courses are an ideal spot to find them. They like pasture, short cropped grass. My brother once found some in the sheepfield near our house in Chacombe. He took them home and boiled them up and ate them. He was watching Dallas, expecting nothing to happen. When Bobby Ewings neck extended, twisting his head off to the side, he was quite surprised. Aged about thirteen I found the tape he made that night, describing the way the mushrooms had made him feel. He was giggling and describing vague patterns he was seeing in the wallpaper.
I have never seen magic mushrooms. I would like to try them out. That and cocaine are all thatís really left on my list. Ketamine can fuck off. Catatonia has never appealed.
cresentwhench MMM MMM good....shroom soup!!! 021002
DannyH I wrote this over four years ago. Since then I have tried both magic mushrooms and cocaine seperately and magic mushrooms and cocaine together. I can wholeheartedly reccommend either of them and/or both of them together. Your friends on the planet bibble remind you to fuck yourself up responsibly. 050714
u24 yum. 060429
pastorfkb musty morsels adrift in a murky mixture of milk and manna 070227
unhinged mushrooms

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