TalviFatin Your love is better than icecream.
Better than anything else that I have tried.

But your love will never be better than chocolate. Never better than anything else I'v tried.
maxwell thorne I fell asleep in the clothes i wore that night - last night - the night that we drove and ate ice cream.

cookies and cream.

I was driving, so she fed me. A little cookie fell of the spoon, and onto the sleeve of my shirt.

I woke up today, and smelled faintly of oreos. I had to smile.
god ice cream tastes good in the afternoon
ice cream tastes good if you eat it soon
nanu imagine the possibilities 020107
fucking yum ice_cream 020129
Freak An oreo coconut blizzard from Dairy Queen. Its sooooo good you gotta try it. 020429
angelA good with a fork or a spoon.
hell, id even it it with a knife.
it's there when i let tears of hatred, happiness, confusion, anger and and and and utter choas fall.
with that fat,
i also gain security.
starjewel Vanilla, Chocolate
Strawberry too
I love all the flavors
I hope you do too.

Cold, Smooth,
And endlessly silky
Then there are milk shakes
Which are quite um...milky?

I didn't know what I was
Thought it was only a dream
It tasted like heaven
And they called it ice cream.

Spontaneity, Craziness,
And just because
I think people liked it
Before they knew what it was

Singing, Jingling
The music of the street
Slow the ice cream man down
Lend your money beat the heat

I didn't know what I was
Thought it was only a dream
It tasted like heaven
And they called it ice cream.

It's happy, jolly
And all around great.
As it melts on your tongue
It melts away all your hate.

Cause I was sad, I was mad
Kept writing poems for Ricky
Caleb suggested a subject
And he thought he'd be tricky.

I didn't know I could do it,
Thought it was only a dream
But I wrote a poem about heaven
And I called it ice cream.
mocket your_ice_cream_is_ready 040510
wcw icedream 040510
jabberwock That was fabulous Amber. It made me want, desire, NEED icecream! As always your poems are cream-licious. :) 040510
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