unhinged i keep a box of your handwriting under my bed
i need you always near me
your screams in my head
it's like always depending on wind to hold you up
it's like watching the lines disappear
it's like seeing forever and you not being in it
it's like that everytime i leave
i need you always in and near me
take you away from the screams
put some saftey back into dreams
live a life where i hold you near me
it's like a sunshiny balmy day
where i can't help from smiling
Raina After spending the night with him for the very first time, I thought it'd be nice of me to wake up early that next morning, fix breakfast, and have his coffee waiting. I put on the top to his pajamas, smiling to myself as I inhaled last night's mixture of memories and the scent of us...

After enough of the aroma of eggs and veggie patties permeated the apartment, he woke. Slinking into the kitchen, he was all smiles-I wanted him to take me then and there. But, I had to keep focus. I sat down beside this smiling god. Secretly rubbing my legs together under the table....

F o c u s

"How do you like your coffee?" I asked. My voice was a mixture of one-part still sleepy, one-part contrived sensual slurring, and one-part hoarse, because thanks to him-last night I hit the note of heaven (6 times).

"3 sugars, and enough milk to match the color of your skin". He always knew how to make this black girl blush. "I want to drink the rich brown that is you-letting the warmth fill me up as it goes down".

Speaking of going down, by this time, I was back on my knees. The eggs burnt, the patties doing that special thing that scortched soy does. And before I ingest him again, I look up sweetly and say...

"You got the pussy last night, you don't need to use such lines"

And he pulls away, not allowing me to begin-and says

"maybe I want the pussy again..."
TK Good morning world!!!!

Usually ~not~ a morning person but
Hooray for waking up!!
Ouroboros Blather, i miss you. 140711
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