nullspace i set some goals for myself.
then i failed to achieve them.
that was stupid.
i think i'll try apathy now
daxle all my goals feel so ridiculous
because they lead to something to something else to something else, on to infinity
no end goal
but it makes me feel better when I realize that things like getting on the wrong bus and taking a trip around the "city" aren't so important either
luz del mar ... to live a rich and full life, maybe? I don't know, I think, for the majority of Americans, a little strategic medicinal cannabis use and
the world could be an awesome place.
KFOX I need some. Now. 010529
jenny sometimes its all that keeps me going, that knowing that i am going somewhere someday, somewhere special, and now is just inbetween 010914
angieleebn The let down lies in when you don't achieve them, but when, or if you do its all worth the pain. 021007
no reason sometimes to achieve them, you just have to make soccerfaces. 030610
Aradiation Therapy I got lung cancer from not bein My goal is to rip up any club/person who thinks that making a person a schizophrenic or an insane person is accepted as a normal activity!!!
1 out of 3 schizophrenics attempt suicide and 1 out of 10 succeed..So now I get why people like haunted houses hahahahahhaah, Love Aradia Mayfair
devilbunny My goals:
-To stop showing my dependency on anyone.
-To complete my overdue art project.
-To start exercising more and lose some weight so I can hopefully try modeling again.
-To buy better food from the crapeteria.
flowerock Talk is cheap they say and cheap is easy, on the surface. Cheap things break down and then you have to replace or redo them, that's not really any cheaper Than just doing well or buying the better thing to begin with. I need to.connect this idea to my goals. It is easy to set goals or know what is right, harder to do and accomplish those things. It us harder though, to know what is right and productive, not do it, the entire suffer later and have more work to do because you wanted to take it easy before.. there is a happy _ medium and/or a healthy _ balance where we work hard the. Rest well. 140928
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