moonshine Entire life spent preparing for ironic. How morbidly intriguing. 000524
emily ...i have a sneaking suspicion (sp?) that in one of my past lives i lived in egypt.... 001120
NinNy Nu Nu and I think that I'm Auto Deeto.
Save me Save Me.
Cap Cook is a wanker and so is Columbus,
but we prefer fairytales.
don't we Emily.
all the twinks that went away went to the sun,
thats why the weather is so nice these days.
who are you then if your not a teletubbie?
sabbie i had a friend years and years ago named gizla (pronounced geese-la)

she had a daughter, and she named her egypt.

egypt is pretty as a name, but the word has like this whole country associated with it.

i wonder how much the kid got teased in school...
smileygirl i had a friend from egypt when i was in high school. she told me that when she lived in egypt her family had two servants becuase they worked for so cheap it was economically better to have someone else clean your house than to do it yourself. 040225
andru235 its strange how when seeing
pyramids we do revel
the society that built them
sure was not level

they brought heavy stones
'cross the desert, behaving
to build the first monuments
honoring slaving
282005 Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Defies Bush Democracy Push

11:05 AM ET
U.S. Since late last month, Egyptian security forces have arrested a number of prominent political activists in Egypt.

The arrests began a week after
Bush delivered his Inaugural Address, dominated by his sweeping vision of
foreign policy as dedicated to the spread of freedom, liberty, and democracy throughout the world.
Iraq Egypt scorns US "democracy" claim

Thursday, 3102005 13:05 GMT

"What model are we talking about in
? Bombs are exploding everywhere and..."
Iraq 3122005 6 hours ago

Egypt aided
's 1980s weapons program...
3132005 Egypts press dismisses U.S. democracy claims
6:15:00 AM GMT
Iraq that its model of democracy is prevailing in the Middle East, urging it to immediately end
war and withdraw its troops to prove its good intentions.
China * 3162005 *

Egypt supports
s _'anti_secession'_law_...
1 hour ago Bomb kills 3 and wounds 17 at a Cairo tourist site

CIA Population:

77,505,756 (July 2005 est.)
Muslims Muslim (mostly Sunni) 94%, Coptic Christian and other 6% 050623

Approximately 94 percent of all Egyptians are Sunni Muslims
(Sunnis) More than 70 millions 050623
a better pass hey Bono needs to sing on a Pyramid !

oi mate .. pass me the mic.... BoB wants it.

theres a wave coming hurry up.
what's it to you?
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