lovers lament spirit. ether.
five. combines, makes us whole. devours us. rebirths us. creating, destroying, recreating the universe. day after day.
pagan girl u took the words right out of my mouth 011214
kx21 Spirit = God? 011214
Spirit = God?
sabbie i read a theory as to why they came up with these particular elements as THE elements.

apparently, these were the 4 ways to dispose of a body. (ok, i thoughts, it sounds reasonable)
earth - burying the body. (yup)
fire- cremation of the body. (ok)
watre- plop it in the river and wave goodbye to the body (hmmm)
air- leave it outside somewhere so the birds of the air can devour it...

ah huh.

and it seemed to be going along so well...
kx21 Spirit is floating arround?

What is the right way to dispose the spirit (e.g. Free_will)?
cube Free Will: freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention (Websters)

i don't think this qualifies as 'spirit' in the pagan sense but, the question of how to dispose of (a) spirit is an interesting one...
kerry water=me

me=kerry [in case you were wondering]

[[you probably weren't]]
the Queen of Hearts you're absolutly right kerry, i wasn't wondering at all.

if you have nothing to say then don't say it. writing things such as you did just makes you look like a moron who thinks she has nothing worthwhile to contribute. if you think you have nothing to say, then don't say anything. if you think you have something to say then say it. but this blather just makes you look like another sad looser who can't even convince themselves of their worth.

you think you are worthless, fine. just watch how quickly the rest of the universe agrees with you.
kerry that wasn't very nice at all.

i don't write on blather for the sake of being bitched at by someone i don't even know. i'm not going to attempt throwing PERSONAL insults at you for that exact reason but i would like to say,
1. you don't know me so why is what i write such a big fucking deal to you???
2. you can tune me out by going to another blathe and then be free of my "worthlessness" as you choose to refer to it.
3. someone with as much SUPERIORITY as YOU, oh motherfucking queen of hearts, should learn a little patience and not be so quick to snap at others.

i am on blather because i enjoy it and for my own personal amusement. what i choose to share should be of no concern to you. find something more interesting to think about, please,

what's it to you?
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