Kammar best book i ever read its by Frank Herbert if anyone cares 030630
Dafremen Anyone does. 030701
Kammar mmm, Fremen 030702
nick First law of Mentat: A process cannot be understood by stopping it.
Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.

Memory never recaptures reality. Memory reconstructs. All reconstructions
change the original, becoming external frames of reference that inevitably fall short.
-Mentat Handbook

until you read these books you can't understand how they changed my life.

unless of course you know me... or go here --


ah... and Brian... keep it real man
australian highrise I attempted to read the book once. then I just went the all-american way and rented the dvd, watching it past midnight whilst painting my fingernails and laughing at some of the special effects and wooden actors.

still a good story, though.
birdmad forget the 1984 movie, as much as i love the cinematic mind-jobs that are the works of David Lynch, the movie is it's own thing.

do yourself the favor and give the book another shot, and then watch the 2000 Sci-Fi Channel Mini-series if you want a film version that stays a little closer to the source material
grendel i am re-reading the book for the first time in over 20 years, i liked it back then, but i was a tiny bit too young and dense to understand it all... now, however, i love it. 070629
zeke i will not fear... 070629
grendel living in a desert city, i can appreciate the richness of Herbert's imagery all the more 070629
Ouroboros ahhhhh amazing book. i was just discussing it today. just reread it last month. still in love with it. scifi at its best 070629
past i'm re-reading it for the probably 7th or 8th time. each time i go through these pages new insight peers out, new layers are exposed. i love it more the more i read. 080531
u24 i tried to watch the video once and gave up. I read a lot of sf, so... maybe I should give the book a go? 080531
Ouroboros I bet that you will appreciate the book, u 080531
daf it's a snoozer on the top end. But once yer in..you're in for life. 080601
Ouroboros best book ever

just reread Dune for the 1000th time
Ouroboros lines and scenes from this book flitter through my brain at all times of the day, all the time.
she spits the gag out of her mouth "no need to fight over me..."

she breaks down the smells of the stiech so he is not so overwhelmed

their legs ache from walking across the long stretch of desert in arrhythmic steps.

"hello grandfather"
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