sphinxradio i don't like to talk about this anymore.
i used to use the metaphor of an ocean to describe my life.
inevitably it wouldn't end well.
i think i'm getting better about that, though. i haven't thought about drowning for a long time.
i haven't thought about the ocean at all.
zoe i'm really drowning in a sea of myself. you know, when you try to function normally but you're just surrounded by all of the fucking horrible thoughts about your own life and other people's. but to get free of it you have to find something to grab on, and when you try, you reach out your hand and it just hit this impenetrable wall of the problems you have no reason to have... because, lets face it, im pretty well off and i could have a future if i just grew the fuck up but im too lazy and self-pitying. because self pity is the most warm and comfortable blanket to wrap yourself in. it means you don't have to do anything to help yourself becuase you just convince yourseld you're too useless. and then you really are useless. and you have no right to be alive when there are thousands who never got the chance to live their lives properly because of things that happened that are beyond their control. which my problems really fucking aren't. 040211
Sa sometimes i fel like im drowning in my own mind, the thoughts i have the felings i feel. the urge to wish that i could hide form life itself never have to b a part of it, to drown into the depths of my deepest fantasys my thoughts, what i want most in life! would it be possible! they say look into the future because thinkin of the past only means u miss whats gna happen nxt! there is only so much u can hide away from. 040212
SA I am not that Sa either. I am SA and Squalidangel.. 040609
mission x u can hide until u die

no one would even notice it
witchesrequiem My good friend made a comment worth quoting.......
We were toasting and I said "here is to good options." She said as "long as we are above ground." hmm.
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