andru235 you have many.
but when you are angsty,
it's fun to renounce destiny,
to pretend it doesn't
wouldn't exist.

it does,
and you will see this later,
when you aren't so angsty.

ah, destiny.
one can have many at once
at all times
perhaps contradictory
then and now and when?
and how?
don't ask,
just bask!
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YO YO YO. who the duck designed this web site then?

i learnt about destiny from 16 boy, when i lived in Thailand for a while.

i didn't want to believe in destiny... but i did.. without choise, i didn't force anything to happen... i let people treat me how they wanted to... i learnt from it.........
........................ then i kept interesting peaces of information... sub-conciously .. many people gave me interesting information... didn't read many books....

i have some favorite books though .. like 10th Insight by James Redfield.

"The turtle buries its thoughts in the sand, and allows the sun to hatch the little ones." that book had a huge impact on me too.

make your own mind up about what is good or bad for you... don't have some religious book tell you... or some control freak that thinks he/she is wise... be wise to yourself. i need to do that more.. stop smoking spliffs for example.
CLARITY i idea of destiny is confusing... some people in Thailand don't wear crash helmets because they believe that whatever happens in the future is already there... so why wear a crash helmit ?

see that's silly ! living in the moment is also part of destiny... being aware of your own safety... being tuned in to now.

see if you don't wear a crash helmit... you may have a serious accident... and live a sad life... that is destiny but it is also something which you have created by not being aware in the moment.

see thats why the idea of destiny can be confusing...

visions, dreams and imagination are all part of destiny.

full consiousness - letting things be as they are.... no pushing... just being aware in the moment.

mainly not harming anyone... is a number 1. rule. (that includes yourself)
Huh ! "YOGA" is not just an excercise !

monkey !

i know that ! asanas are good for you though... stops your body from aching helps you land and become stable.

8 fold path....
....... if you can't get a job - study this.

don't lecture me or take the piss if i want to do Asanas!

i know it is not the only part of YOGA !

Bickram Yoga - read the original texts !
- practice yoga in a calm cool environment... - someone pointed that out to me... he only needs another sports car !

he can have a new one once he shares more.
sad that he didn't want my yoga costumes then !

what's it to you?
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