Shar People are flooding out of them now. The basketball team has lost.
They won't riot now.
Stupid drunks.
angie my dad is there right now
even after my grandma and grandpa came over to try and talk some sense into him.
please dont turn out like that
poor ahem flo snake_bar 030109
MDogMA why do most think their case is a special one, but the majority also think themselves less attractive than general consensus. 030109
p2 a man walked into a bar
and got hurt
(give it a while,
you'll get it eventually)
p2 a horse walks into a bar
bartender says,
"why the long face?"
p2 a bear walks into a bar
goes to the bartender and sez
"i'll have a gin
and tonic"
bartender sez
"what's with the big pause?"
bear looks down at his hands and sez
"i dunno, my dad had 'em too"
p2 a termite walks into a bar
walks up to one of the patrons and sez
"is the bar tender here?"
IKC 56-80 two guys walked into a bar... the third one ducked 030110
p2 a string walks into a bar
bartender sez
"sorry, we don't serve strings here"
the string walks out pissed off
and picks a fight with the people outside
the string gets his ass kicked
gets all messed up and tied up
he stumbles back into the bar to drown his sorrows
the bartender sez
"aren't you the same string from before?"
the string sez
"no, i'm a frayed knot"
margadant11 Alcohol is good for the soul and a Bar that contributes to this is ok by me...

Drown your sorrows with alcohol my dear friends
p2 rene descartes walks into a bar
the bartenders asks,
"would you like a beer"
to which descartes replies,
"no, i think not"
at which point
he disappears
misstree tee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

p2, you have officially entertained me.
p2 a neutron walks into a bar

"I'd like a beer," he says
and the bartender promptly serves up a beer

"how much will that be?", asks the neutron

the bartender looks him over and says,
"for you?
no charge"
p2 a goose walks into a bar
the bartender takes one look at him
and says,
"hey buddy,
your pants are down"
p2 a gentleman walks into a bar and says, "i'd like your finest 12 year old scotch."

the bartender, thinking he can cheat this guy, pours out some 3 year old scotch, and serves it to him. the gentleman takes a sip and declares, "this is a 3 year old scotch!" the bartender, feeling a bit challenged, apologizes and pours out some of his finer, 6 year old scotch for his customer. the customer takes another sip, and demands, "i asked for a 12 year old scotch, this is only a 6 year old scotch!" the bartender finally relents, and pours out his best stuff, the 12 year old scotch.

the drunk at the end of the bar, watched the entire episode in amazement. he walks down to the gentleman, plunks down a glass, and drawls, "whatcha think o' this?" the gentleman takes a sip, and immediately spits it out. while gagging, he gasps, "that tastes like piss!"

the drunk replies, "that right, and can you tell me how old i am?"
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