twiggie i wish it would go away.
all this week i've woken up in the middle of the night trying to breathe*.
now they want me to take a steroid inhaler. nevermind that if i don't do it just right i could end up with cancer in my mouth. nevermind that i'm already shaking all of the time because of all the ventolin i'm putting in me, just so i can breathe.
i've already taken 4 when i'm only supposed to take 2 and i still have that tickle in the back of my throat that makes me cough.
i want it to go away.
Tank i've has this ever since i was a little girl... i think it started after i nearly drowned in the south of france one summer... that's what an attack feels like... like i am drowning... i should have grown out of it by now, but since i decided to start smoking 13 years ago, i have never been able to shake it... i haven't had a cigarette in 5 days now... no need to use my ventolin in 2... 010110
twiggie emily called me an asthma geek today.

i am not! PFFFFFFT!
raindrop i know the pain you're going through. i had it for 15 years. however, through diet changes and a product called msm (made from plants) i am cured! it wasn't easy and didn't happen overnight, but you sound like someone who is willing to work hard for a cure. i don't even use an inhaler anymore.

e-mail me for more information.
little wonder i've been having it even worse lately. i'm shaking all of the time because i take too much. 020206
bill bixby ,spaulding 020407
velvetdesire my friends
call me asthma geek
(they're just jealous
they can't be as suave as
and pull their inhaler out
of their pocket
after climbing the staircase)
little wonder haha!
my friends are jealous when i have to pull out my inhaler before i have a cigarette.
(which is not terribly often, but it happens)
.blekk.tchynah.dol. he's laughing at my inability to breathe. 020519
CRO funny. it's the other way around for me.
I used to have pretty bad asthma, and the day i started smoking i was in agony. terrified. it was really bad.

Then, as i smoked more and more, I gradually began to breathe a little better each day.

Perverse isn't it? Now that I'm quitting, The athsma will prolly come back.
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