hm Haruka vowed that day to never love another. If she
couldn't find a man to satisfy her, and she knew she
never would, than she would go without.

Love was an ambrosia that she would never taste.

Haruka woke up from her sleep. She combed her fingers
through her hair before turning on a lamp.

"Why are you in my dreams?" She asked of no one.
Michiru... why was she in her dreams? She had only
met her today. But it had been an oh, so sweet,

Haruka's heart raced whenever she thought of that brief
encounter with her. "Come on, baka, get it out of your
head. If you hadn't cared to noticed, half the school
is drooling over her. She has more suitors than
you'll ever have."

She got off her bed and walked into the bathroom. A
look in the mirror didn't do anything to make her
feel better.

"Perhaps she would be friends with me if I did model
for her..." Dumbshit! You wouldn't want to leave it
as 'just being friends, you're interested in more,
and she wouldn't be.

You had gotten lucky last time.

If she's going here, that means that her family's got
money. If her family's got money, they've got power.
Do you realize what that means? They could squish
your lil' white ass into paste if they wanted to.
And how do you think that would feel, eh? No more
racing for certain. No more life if they chose to
take things to an extreme.

Haruka shook herself. Don't be silly. She didn't
feel anything for the girl. It was just a dream.
Dreams were how a person's mind flushed, right?
It was just a fragment with her in it, that's all.

She washed her face off and toweled it dry. She was
making nothing into something. Flipping off the light,
she returned to bed.

It was nothing.
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