pootang I never thought I'd meet someone like you. 010810
poot William

It was
really nothing
poot william
it was
really nothing
pootang just checking to see what else I've written of my... 011113
pootang I need to feel the love 020127
pootang again
and again
with the Wili

delicious in the most innocently lustful sense of the word

let me love you like only I ever could

pootang After all this time, you're still the only William anyone's written about here. Makes sense, you being as special as you are.

You are still the person I was always looking for. If I could physically kick myself for treating you porly and losing you, I'd be dead by now. If I could explain my actions and earn your forgiveness I'd be holding you by now. Neither of these things is possible, so I'll keep returning to this desolate spot in ether eternity, a sorry, two dimensional substitution for the you.

I write here because I know you will never see it. This space lets me confess and grovel without shame, without fear of the look in your reproachful eyes.

Thank you newdream.net.
william hehe this is funny... 030604
meh... i don't know...

it's probably just me, but i always thought the word was 'pooNtang'.

and as for william - i always thought that it'd come up eventually...
Sundari Raine You're destroying me and you don't know it. How is it you have eyes only for Sandy? I tear apart when I see you, and you don't know it. When you look past me and smile at her, then look away blushing and grinning, it's like a knife through me. 040514
Sundari Raine I hate this. 040514
Weeyum Speaking from the perspective of a William, it's usually better to confess these thoughts. There's always that chance that he simply never knew how you felt. When it comes to relationships, don't waste opportunity because of awkwardness. The embarassment is nothing compared to the shame of losing a good thing. 060813
niska in your eyes...
don't tell Tom.
whatfor I got a great idea: I'm gonna wait right here, while everything is adding up up up up... 091017
i cant unsee i've liked you for much too long...
do I regret it, though?

you tell me.
what's it to you?
who go