no reason/jeff tweedy last cigarettes are all you can get
turning your orbit around
pete age eighteen, still scruffy around the neck, wandering aimlessly through this city, far far from the old neighbourhood without money for cigarettes let alone new music somehow i ended up buying "a ghost is born" after listening to "that's what she said" on the big headphones at the spark's hmv.

through nineteen, twenty, and now the tumultuous first quarter of twenty-one tweedy and friends have kept me going. at times bringing out memories better suppressed, though suppression soon turns to laughter, and laughter to memory well lived, deserved, and emotions experienced for their own sake again and again and again.

some songs are still scarred, though the scars fade with use, as new memories cover over the bad, turning the very act of listening to the songs into a memory-filled experience. of just three years.

how the individual experience changes so much with each passing moment.
pete their new album is amazing. damn. 070328
pete we have tickets to see them in toronto.. road trip yessss! 070418
no reason wait, new album? you mean sky blue sky? you've heard it?

have fun at the concert! i went to see them in the summer at massey hall, and it was awesome.
no reason i'm not sure how much i like the new album
apparently i'll come around
pete i like it, a few of my friends also like it, a few notable authorities don't like it and prefer the great lake swimmer's new album. i like both of them. i am no authority.

but if the argument is that the album is too clean, i can see that and ignore that complaint as i don't mind the lack of feedback.
no reason it's very mellow. 070524
my name it means nothing how can I listen to Wilco and have a social life? Because listening to Wilco, I'm perfectly fine just sitting here, will take no initiative.

with the sky blue sky this rotten time wouldn't seem so bad to me now.
I didn't die, I should be satisfied.
I survived.
It's good enough for now.

yeah I survived. I wish that was good enough for now though.
past half light, a glass of rye, and a wilco album. 081120
past "you're the deepest well i've ever fallen into"

enjoying the new album
what's it to you?
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