mahayana ready to move on
we feel a spark deep within us
our tasks we can not concentrate upon
the slowness of our movement belies
the intensity we feel
forms, applications, tasks @ hand
we feel a spark deep within us
our tasks we can not concentrate upon
our eyes are hollow and wild
filled with the intensity of a lovers love meeting a loving loves love
eye to eye our sparse conscioness walks through the dead classes grasses and resumes leaves there is much to do
yet we_are_restless
in our readiness to move on
we feel a spark deep within us

[[i wanna come to you]]
x[while i free myself]x
[[i wanna rescue you]]
bethany warnes there are words to say but i swear i just can't find them
though in my heart i know fools may hesitate from the memories behind them
while the angels laugh and say i told you so
so i cry when the feeling overtakes me
coz the love i give seems so little in your eyes

the test of time always breaks me
with nothing tried and nothing realized

no man is an island but you do that very well
and it sure takes a fool to find another
but i beleive for every heart that's broken there's a stranger's smile to put it on the mend
then those farmilliar feelings out of nowhere come back again
and i'm restless darling
i'm restless waiting for you to look my way
i dont think that i can wait

i cant wait another day
tonight you calm my restlessness 020419
suicidalchinadoll we wish to move now
to a place..where the sun is not afraid to shine.
and we are not afraid to speak to the neighbors
or walk out our doors in daylight.

we wish to see the process unfold another stitch..
andru235 humans:

built to be nomads,
but building ourselves a prison
REAListic optimIST ... from the inside out 051210
. . 061019
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