amy quill (bandit?) stole my chicago blathe, i was going to do the more standard, my kind of town, chicago is. but i decided not to. 991209
spikey-ho why are you more honest when you're not real? 000114
Christy42 With warmth and a presence of which I was all too cognizant, he kept a careful stance and stayed solid in favor with all the best ones, those who had pulsed and overcome so many years before. I smiled and looked oh so brightly upon him from my place at his feet, offering up a bowl of grapes as a symbol of all my lofty affection. Surely, thought I, this was an arrangement toward which he was readily agreeable. The course flowed smooth, straight, and stealthy until I was stolen from my rightful place at his deserving feet, ported back to my quiet crazy town, and left, deserted. Alone but for my memories, I grieved long and hard, crying for the intense, radiant boy in whose company and laughter I had quickly invested every ounce of my faith and good humor. Denied closeness to the serene creature whose every action I lived for, I wilted slow and steady into a lucid puddle of all that I once was. 010910
Borealis dear boy, I want you to steal me away again
I wrote an english response about you today.
you in seven different incarnations.
still love them all
lou_la_belle sometimes i feel like this really isn't my life. it can't be. maybe my real one was stolen. 040607
twiggy personality 040930
love & hate my life, my love, my existence. It has been stolen by the one which i love. The one which i cherish. The one which i will give my life to. 041001
exposed his car was broken into, his backpack stolen, by some prick while he was in ireland. laptop is gone. over a year's worth of pictures of us together, in love, happy... gone. his music collection, gone. even those pictures i sent him to keep him from being lonely while he was away... gone. who knows who is going through his life right now, getting to know him. getting to know US. it makes me absolutely SICK. i hope they catch the bastard and make him pay. 090601
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