SilentBob I sometimes wonder if maybe the opposite of everything I do is being experienced by another version of myself.
What if he smokes and likes guys and hates Al Pacino movies.
I wonder if i'd get along with this kid.
bobtnelis hahaha! I will destroy you mortal! 000831
white_wave blather just sometimes feels like that other universe. that one that rides along side of me, but we never cross pathes. 040306
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Toxic_Kisses I wonder if - how do I say this right so you understand?

when I was in 7th gread I had the choice to take it over or to go on to eighthgread, I desided to take it over bc after moveing around so much as we had that school year I felt i haddent really learned anything and to go on to the next gread w/ no solid foundation of knowledge of the fermor grade would only be asking for trouble

but I often wonder not just what my life would of been like if I had desided to go on to eighth (you wouldent think that would of made much of a change in my life but it made a HUGE diffrence in who I would meet in the future and the things I would experience) but I wonder if w/ every desishion I make if their isent MANY doppelgangers of me makeing the edzact oppisit choice of what I make in this world, like say for instance in this world I desided to rat my dad out and but in world B my other self dident do that, what would be the out come? or in world C I ratted him out and then desided to go on to eighth grade, and in world D I desided not to live in the house we had lived in? what would the out come of that have been, how would it have effected/changed the life of the doppleganger of myself in world D? whould she have still gotten raped but this time by some one diffrent? or would it of never happined at all? how would my life be diffrent? I guess what I'm saying is I'm wondering if all theese diffrent possibillitys are being explored in many diffrent universes by my many dopplegangers. also if she has diffrent experiences in life that effect how her peronality, train of thought and attitued is formed but still looks like me and had my same genetic make up is she still my doppleganger?
annoyed typo grade 040306
kx21 * iLink: Parallel_universes * 040511
RoxRoxx Knowing that in some parallel_universe we're togeather can almost make me smile. 091010
Ichiro The oddity of the present state of science is astounding. What people on psychedelic drugs have known for more centuries than can be counted is just now being agreed with by quantum physics and the multiple worlds theory. Parallel to us there are infinite universes and multiple dimensions.

What if? You are the what if. Explore the ideas... boggle your mind. Always remember, though, that you are of this world and this reality and that your duty is to yourself. Want to change things? Change them. Make a new choice.
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