yummychuckle posters of him all over my walls. I am obsessed. shhh... 010601
Rael one Cloud He's one of my favorite songwriters. I still don't know why. It's funny, you turn down the records way down low, & it sounds like a baby crying.
Too bad he had to die.
I guess it beat getting old. Imagine him balding and fortyish, getting a lifetime achievement award from Madonna. With the Foo Fighters looking on, Dave all jealous because he had to wait another 8 years to be nominated to the Rock & roll hall of fame?
Maybe it WAS better to burn out than to fade away. Better to burn out than to live in a cheap plastic MTv nightmare.
But he should have just run away to Athens & made music with Michael Stipe like he planned than to kill himself. Or be shot. Whatever happened. I don't know. I wasn't there.
I know his aunt, by the way. She's very nice. Last time I saw her, we had a cookout, & I ate lots of garlic stuffed olives. Then we went shopping in the U district in Seattle. it was nice.
oasisoncloud10 i love you kurt. ever since i was a little kid, kurt rocked my soul and lifted my heart... i f*cking miss him. i miss his crazyness. i miss the feeling of nirvana... (kurts a sexy motha f*cka) 020201
reenz i miss him. 020520
sprhrgrl xoxoxoxox 030127
silentbob didn't leave a lasting impact on my life 030127
megan i guess the only thing i can say i know about him are his eyes. so expressive. it's rare when somebody's eyes can tell you their life story even when it's just a picture of them on the cover of rolling stone. baby blues, don't cry. 030128
tra my i love kurt,and i don't known what i want to say,now he is my everything,let hear what he sang,u will known yourself in the future,in the past,oh i love him,that is everything i can say now 040316
freak to Kurt
On this tragic day of your ten year anniversary.
I will never forget
And i will get that bitch Courtney
birdmad got the unplugged CD playing right now

( oh_no not_me w_e__n_e_v_e_r__l_o_s_t__c_on_t_r_o_l )

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