salty pepper dash, dash away

you know that's what you want.
jane i never make it through january 030127
god she was the daughter of a wealthy florentine pogen. 030623
xyz i have this friend. her name is january. she lets me live in her locker and sometimes screams obscene things in crowded hallways. last year she had an imaginary friend named brad, who didn't like me very much because i thought he wasn't real. 031007
Mandijabster My name is January :) I'm sure this excites you all...as it excites people living in my locker :\ I feel loved being the topic of her discussion though :D as she was mine...but shh! She can not have her name revealed! 031007
falling_alone What's that you're saying Rebecca? What! Snape is your MASTER?!" January said rather loudly to embarrass her, as she stepped inside.

"ARGH! Shh!" Rebecca went Bright red,

"Don't SHH me!" came from January, but she couldn't stop laughing, even Jill put her hand up to her mouth to stop giggling. The Professor looked up at the three standing in the doorway.

"He doesn't really look like Snape." whispered Jill.

"What do you mean I don't look like myself?" he once again growled.

"Umm." Jill didn't really know what to say.

"Well you don't look too much like the guy from the movies." Concluded January.

"WHAT MOVIES!" now all 3 stepped away from the furious Snape.

"They made Year 1 and 2 into movies.your in them too. OH LETS WATCH THEM!" cried Rebecca and she ran downstairs grinning madly. She came up with 2 movies on DVD: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

"Oh god.I bet she's memorized the second movie already." murmured January. Snape raised an eyebrow at this and Jill just nodded in agreement.

"I heard that." pouted Rebecca, "and for your information, I haven't-I only know some of the lines."
-excerpt from "a snape story"

january is a loud month...and it swallows...
Mandijabster i feel special...i'm an 'it'

Scary how she's such an accurate person
hermia dirty snow in the gutter
white clouds of breath
clawing wind tears at necks with knife-sharp fingernails
but at night, when new snow falls
in the soft light of the streetlamp,
i fall in love with january against my will
no reason i hope this is all that's wrong with me 050126
1302005 * The_Graces_from_Heaven *

* Iraq's_'US_scheduled'_January_30_2005_elections

It's_time_for_democracy___... *
Ouroboros is always such a hard month 070107
no reason this one is better than any others in recent memory

january 2008 = lack of january affective disorder
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