minnesota_chris there's not enough misstree. Let's all make a blathe under her name here. 040510
misstree Grar, it's all mountainey here, and no one knows what to do with me. But I see some nice people whom I plan to corrupt. 040510
sameolme Hi Tree!
Low Tree.
Be Free.
Seems we headed for the hills at the same instant. Try not to have too much
fun on mountain roads, the urge to drive them like a demon on wheels is almost undeniable.
Delores Lane i_miss_misstree

minnesota_chris maybe I'm the only one reading on blather... 040511
notme i miss her too 040511
notme we demand more misstree in our blather feed 040511
notme mountainey. that's good, yeh? 040511
Lemon_Soda Its okay to miss. It just means you have to aim better next time. And yes, this page sorely needs her rhetoric and poetry... 040512
Guy Across The Street Misstree:

Looks like you've got a ass kisser. You might need surgery to get him removed.
r_o as misstree it's a drunken tree orgy out here at jellystone. i've never been surrounded by more like minded trees! maybe it was that fire a few years back that scared all the trees out here into carpeing their diem! i dunno who's gonna have more sex this summer, the 7 year cicadas, or the trees of jellystone! 040512
r_o as misstree that should read: *17 year cicadas* 040513
17Yc Now THAT would have been a nifty psuedonym...(seventeen year cicadas) 040513
silentbob do you miss me
miss misstree like you say you do
misstree *feels all warm and fuzzy*
i'll be back, my pretties. me and words, we've got this neverending passion thing. and this is part of my heart's home.
sab this_is_part_of_my_hearts_home

thats beautiful babe
LS Hope your doing better. And I do miss you... 050609
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl misstree terrified me when i first came onto blather
now im still in awe of a lot of what she says
so i thought i would add my bit
and say
what's it to you?
who go