smallhours Freshly 30 and feeling ancient. Spent my 20s pretty well: fell in love, built a good career, drank and danced, paid off student loans, traveled, bought a house etc. But the person Iíve loved for the past decade is colder than I can accept as the father of my children. We separated a few months ago. This week I stayed with my (lovely) parents while he moved out. Havenít been back to my house since. Iím at work right now, terrified to leave.

Without him, I am homeless.
smallhours Update: made it back to the house, in tears but in one piece. He took his things and left thoughtful Christmas presents (and all our furniture). Itís below freezing in the US northeast right now, so I am sandwiched, sobbing, between a space heater and a bottle of wine. 171229
Risen You will survive this.

A house is walls. A home is where you feel safe, where you belong.

You'll always belong in the blue, and have the safety of it, too.

And you will be home again. You'll be accepted and loved for who you are, and you will be free.

Good luck! I hope 2018 is the year of a fresh start for you. Sending you a virtual hug from the UK.
smallhours Just saw this. Thank you for the kind words. 180107
smallhours Also just realized you were the person I piggybacked off of over at blather_roll_call_2018 (and that i referenced my age multiple times.. should stop doing that). 180107
Doar good luck smallhours.. 180107
smallhours One month in, I can't seem to shake the feeling that there is still someone just in the other room. While initially I was dreading the feeling of being alone, now I am just creeped out by the feeling of not being alone. 180202
smallhours phantom_limb 180202
minnesota_chris they both suck!

2017 saw me moving away from a house, because the homeowner was a Trump supporter. And fuck that guy.

I still work bullshit marginal jobs so I can't really afford a normal apartment by myself. So I got another friend of a friend to room with. While waiting for her lease to be finished, I slept on her living room floor, with her dogs!

I got a place with her and another person, but have since left there to a different place, la la laaaa
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