daxle "Alyssa! why do you have you have to be so difficult?"
"so problematic...I just don't understand"
"got a half smile I think. I was just trying to help..."
How is it that I feel easiest when people find me difficult?
spikey-ho Everything's difficult when it's meant to be easy, when it *feels* easy. Just who the hell is trying to trick me here? Anyone ever feel like there's one big cosmic joke being personally played on them? Is that paranoid or self-absorbed? Difficulty is doing something that you're not good at, otherwise you'd find it easy...Probably. The whole life thing is pretty damn hard... 991214
andrea i asked why she always gets like this
when the littlest thing occurs
she just flips out and acts like
the world is going to end because
of the merest thing
for example, tonight, i left
bread crumbs on the kitchen counter
for that, i should be flogged, i swear
sometimes i think the reason
my mom is so testy about things that
relate to me is because she'd
rather complain about my time spent
at home for the holidays then
miss the good times we shared when
i go back to school

copyright 1999
BoofPixie none of my friends get why i find it so difficult to get to sleep. 000313
silentbob I think you're trying to scare me so that i will stop thinking about you.

But it's not that easy.
it's not that easy.
icvtvity Jesse is not 010916
Boymansonbowie everything is difficult and the things that aren't usually aren't worth any thing anyway. 020207
regentlion that is because life is not soft. 031201
Death of a Rose everything that should be attempted. 040114
Jess Nothing ever was untill I tryed to drum 040513
me you're difficult but i like it. it means i have smething work with, something to discover. if you werent, and if you were easy, it would be like getting a ful runnng start to plow shoulder first through a pile of foam and then slamming onto the wall behind it so hard it hurt. and i dont want to hurt, so i wont leave you be. you're a good friend. 050306
Muphin difficult is a difficult word to pronouce, if you don't have arms. 050430
stupid ugly girl everything_is
when you're
just a stupid ugly girl
what's it to you?
who go