Cherry_Springwater Testing, testing. 123, testing.

Is this thing on?

Okay, can you hear me in the back?Good.

How's everyone doing tonight?

Good, good. I'm glad your all so enthusiastic.

What we're going to do here tonight is try some basic visualization techniques using my patent pending system to rub out those self destructive thoughts.

First thing I want you to do is close your eyes and relax yourself. Start with your toes. Scrunch them once or twice and then let them loose. work your way through your feet, your ankles, and so on until your entire body is relaxed and composed.

Now that your there, picture in your mind televsion tube white static. Kkkurrrrrrrrrrrr. That's it. Nothing else, just the dull hiss and image of that blizzard on your screen.

Once you've gotten a clear visual, I want you to imagine a remote in your hand. Change the channel. In your mind envision the nightly news only all the top stories are about you. Your rough day at work. Your lack of breakfast. Your writers block. Whatever has been plaguing you and eating at your mind put into that broadcast.

Got it all? Now you see your problems objectively and realize that their just the current issues. Though on a personal level some of them might be global in scope, you can still condense them down to this viewpoint.

After you've watched the story of everything, I want you to lift the remote and turn off the television in your mind.

Your problems are gone in a small blip and an empty screen, leaving you the whole rest of the evening to enjoy yourself and your suroundings.
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misstree indeed, i like this idea a lot (thus the link at book_of_eris), and will likely make use of it in some sort of soon-ness. babbling brooks don't do it for me; neither does putting mice in jars (the little buggers keep getting out)... but this has passivity, perspective, and the power of silence. *contented sigh* 031001
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