amy treading feet on your ceiling 980906
girl i know all about that!
one day im going to go upstairs and knock on their door and say "hey can i see your baby elephant?" they'll be confused and i'll continue "well i live downstairs from u and i hear your baby elephant bouncing around up there all day and all night. to be honest i didnt know baby elephants could bounce but i hear him up there just bouncing away. can i see it?"
these days i just knock on the ceiling with a broomstick and it seems to work for a teeny bit.
but one day i will ask about the baby elephant. i dont know how much more i can take.
Pythagorus One of these days I am going to go downstairs and ask them if "I can see their metal-headed kangaroo on a pogo stick. I hear it bouncing up and down up and down." "We be quiet for a little bit when we hear it. But it always comes back after we carryon with our lives." I mean, it could just be someone with a broomstick, but hey, they are the one who moved into a bottom floor apartment. 010823
girl ...and sometimes a person doesnt have a choice whether they live on the 1st 2nd or 3rd floor of an apartment. and maybe that person with the metal headed kangaroo on a pogo stick on the first floor has lived there for over a year and the gawd aweful body slamming sounds from upstairs just started a month or two ago when new people moved in up there.
i dont know. maybe its just me, but when there comes a slam that shakes my house and i feel it in the floor and on the walls and its deffinitely coming from upstairs followed by more slams every day, it get really irritating. (hell, ive only done the broomstick thing once or twice before i decided that its too much of a pain for me to run to the kitchen to grab the broom to let them know that i can hear them down here anyway.)
but i really cant imagine what goes on up there. it sounds like theyre flipping eachother over their sholders or a bouncing baby elephant.

by the way i really liked that kangaroo thing. that was really cool. it made me laugh out loud. (no, im really not being sarcastic)
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