emma can we do numbers? 981101
e rock! 981101
jhon why? for the love of God why? 990203
Rainer Krauss my phone extension no. 990208
trevor the place i used to hang out my senior year in high school. in detroit, willis street near cass. shows and street squattin.' 990208
Owen Ty Kahle Can't find it:
Can't find my socks
Can't find the phone
Can't find my backside in the dark
Could not return page
Page missing or does not exist
Can you find the hachet I buried in your screen?
kyo chill 990328
jae four-hundred-four
CDIV (sp?)
jared_d A metaphor for life perhaps? 990923
Daniel Four - guys - sitting - on - the - top - of - a - wall - minus - zero - makes - no - more - guys - on - the - wall - just - four - empty - beer - cans! 991108
andrea if you add an 80 to the end
it would be my birthday
alicia the page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

please try the following:

if you typed the page address in the address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

open the blather.newdream.net home page, and then look for links to the information you want.

click the 'back' button to try another link.

click 'search' to look for information on the internet.
dean-bean 404, that damn beast. It took away the perfect web page, the one that I'd been searching for, you know the one. I'll slay that monster if I catch it, and make its skin into a cape, so that all the internet will marvel at my glory. No one will ever again loose the lines of their webs ever again. 000310
marjorie it'll get ya every time
that 404 message
the one lurking
little beady eyes
peering around corners
waiting to strike
and keep that one page out of reach
if i want to personify an error message,
i can do that!
that's what we do.
it certainly is what we do.
User24 wow. this blath started in 1998!!! wow. 010820
User24 (is impressed by little things) 010823
TalviFatin Why did they pick "404" to tell you that your browser sucks? 011030
User24 because 403 means forbidden. 011030
mmm everytime i see it i think somebody killed the internet... then i hit the back button and realize its not dead and i'm just parinoid 011030
reitoei i want the server back up. pats out of town. i dont want to call the guy. too late now. damn it all!! 020329
Fire&Roses "You are so 404!"
"What's 404?"
"My point exactly!"
what's it to you?
who go