andru235 the centuries stretch on

what was the task at hand, i wonder aloud

oh yes, now i recall.

pity that i've learned nothing; millennia later i remain a foolish child in need of an elusive guide

have the other recurrent figures forgotten? there's no way to know when paths cross so infrequently and social stigma runs high

funny how free they think they are, except that it isn't that funny after all. it is a pain in a location i needn't mention.

i admire the previous century's movement to sack the scant remains of the public's you-know-what, although it is a disdainful admiration: their success, in that instance, ensured their failure. how could they not see it was so?

now they've set their sights on distant stars and microscopic energy-tidbits. it's like someone about to cross a busy highway who, to check for oncoming traffic, looks up to sky, then down at the ground.

the cumulative effect of my visits here is an inept redundancy. soon i shall cease to return. this is meant, of course, on two very different levels.

there i was; there i am; there i go

yet i had my successes, and i fulfilled my primary obligations; both long ago. i doubt there is any external recollection; even i must strain to remember. over the ages, as veiled nihilists pillaged public awareness of multi-life, transmemory has become increasingly difficult. evidence of collective energies, one supposes.

nevertheless, for now i am reduced to a minimal situation, with minimal opportunity to expand upon that which i ought expand upon. it is difficult to move in contrary directions balance one equation i must ignore the imbalance of nine others. but i have no choice; now my hands are tied. in a reverse sort of way.

so i wait. it would be nice, vladimir, if you would wait with me. but i can no longer wait to wait. i must resume waiting at once, with or without you. but if you showed up, i'd be able to...!
what's it to you?
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