michael is my middle name. 980929
drew he ain't jokin, folks... 980929
me? His wife had left him long ago
For someone without skin,
And now he faced the mirror
And he saw a doubled chin

He was having trouble
And he'd had it for awhile,
His doctor died a year ago
She was his only child
amy i always get in trouble when i start thinking about love... my first boyfriend daydreamed a lot about love, in a good way, i suppose... but love is much simpler than that and also really hard to maintain in a dream. i learned that from my first boyfriend too.

but see, i don't want to think about it. i need to do work now. i still wish i lived closer to you.
alex311swim The one true thing that you are guarranteed to have in your life 010203
Glory Box comes crashing, riding the tide like a tsunami, waiting for me to bow my head in helpless resignation, accept your fate you brought it on yourself. 010516
MollyCule Trouble
Oh trouble can't you see
You have made me a wreck
Now won't you leave me in my misery
- Cat Stevens
Lovers Lament lamenting the past Trouble
Oh trouble please be kind
I don't want no fight
And I haven't got alot of time.
-Cat Stevens-
andrew Why am I letting one person cause me so much trouble? 030213
lindsay buckingham you should run
on the double
ryan Seems this word is all that is on my mind today. Just got back from court. DUI and was told that I make too much money to have the state lawyer.
I'm in trouble. I have this dream of what I want to be. What I am trying to be.
I just keep getting in trouble.
Sitting in the apartment with my room mate who drinks all too much and lets me ride that wave with him. I'm not doing anything that I want to be doing. I am so far from being this person.
So I search. I try new things. There's got to be something out there that I can do, something that I can change... I've got to get out of this same place that I find all too familiar.
In my search I seem to find nothing but the trouble.
witchesrequiem So are you out of trouble now Ryan? 040813
oren ♫ right here in River City! 051105
Thug Cause some! 080106
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