pobodys nerfect ...and this one. =) 030925
misstree we can make him tall or
we can make him not so tall!

pobodys nerfect I have wonderful snowman making days. :)
Lets see,there was one night in December 2001. With the exception of one of my nephews I was babysitting,I was by myself viewing a gift that the person who gave it did not know was a gift(or maybe he did ;) ). I was happy and had that unmistakeable feeling
you get when you realise you have a crush on someone. Anywho,I looked out the window and there was the first snowfall. My jaw dropped. This was the long awaited first REAL snowfall of the season,with huge fluffy virgin white snowflakes. I was so excited that I ran outside wearing nothing but a chenille sweater,my platform mary jane shoes and a short skirt(oh yeah,and my chenille
"loop" scarf). I twirled around in it giggling like a schoolgirl. When I was ready to go in,I made this mini snowman with my bare hands and sat him on the deck facing towards the house. :)
misstree mmm. that sounds so joyous and peaceful. makes me almost not dread the coming winter. (i hate being a pedestrian sometimes.)

the only snowman i specifically remember was a few years back. a person very enduring and very dear to me and i went out to the field behind a nearby church, and, laughing and talking, rolled up three gigantic sections. when assembled, they were taller than we were, but evenly sized, so we made two smaller ones and set them on top for a ogrish two-headed snowman, and propped up one side with a stick, as it had developed a serious lean. while we were frolicking at the playground, the snowgre impaled itself on the stick, and the shattered tower had something of the appearance of a massive dragon's head. we set upon it again, reinforcing the vision, adding a mane of stickspikes, hollowing out nostrils and mouth and eyes, and ending with a half a cigarette tucked in its mouth.

it was a wonderful return to the innocence we had shared in the past, the easy playfulness that "adulthood" always seeks to strip. while we were working there was no awareness of convoluted histories, of uncomfortable silences, there was only purpose and play. and we ended up with a dang cool dragon head.
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