Glory Box "your skin
oh yeah your skin and bones
turn into
something beautiful
and you know
for you I'd bleed myself dry
for you I'd bleed myself
yoink my old boss. she works in another building. down the street. she had a cute daughter. on time she came in, playing with some kind of sesame street doll. it was silly. 010603
Glory box I don't hate you, but, egged on by cowardly friends and the incredible explosive tension, I hurt you as hard as I could in my juvenile way.

And now I have dreams where you tell my I spelled your name wrong all those times I tried to ruin you, calling you a "dumb whore."

Embrace my brutality, but the pacifist in me says no, no, no.
Glory Box We had a moment of mutual recognition. I saw your eyes bounce off my face when you thought I wasn't looking. I want to drive to your house and knock on your door and tell you I'm sorry for the shit that I did. For pushing you down and calling you names. For all the juvenile, gradeschool bullshit that I like to think I've grown out of.

Just think of it as the first in a long list of 12 steps.
9232005 ...grew into a monster 050922
as it swung over the Gulf of Mexico... 050922
1 hour ago Rita Intermediate Advisory Number 22a


...Extremely dangerous category four Hurricane Rita continues west-northwestward toward the southwestern Louisiana and Upper Texas coasts... ...
Rita ...Time_and_causality_of_karma...

jl why are they always named after women? Why not Hurricane John? Hurricane Donny? Hurricane Donald? 050928
nocturnal what are you, new? the names go in alphabetical order and alternate boys' names and girls' names. this year there was a Dennis and the next one (if, god forbid, there is a next one) will be stan. if I wasn't so lazy, I'd find a website for you that lists them each year, but I'm sure you could just go to the weather channel site, it'd probably have this year's full list. 050928
jl LOL You bet honey boy...or girl...do so...when you finally got time or not feeling lazy...yeah I read there is gonna be a stan or tammy coming... 051002
Alpha ... 051002
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