deb they're in the junk drawer
for now
i hope that's
where they stay
for i would really hate to find
the mess of you
they'd make
i only wish i could be stronger
i only wish i could be clearer
i wish i could read within your soul
for then i would know
how to make you
to yourself

you know we love you, dearest,
but do you know what would happen
if you left us?

please don't make me find out...
MollyGoLightly Tricky things. If you're not paying attention, they'll slice your legs to pieces. This is why I don't shave my legs if I can at all help it. 000402
birdmad i use 'em on my eyebrows

i hide 'em in my fist

sometimes they nick my fingers

sometimes they bite my wrist
MollyCule razorblades are possibly the best and worst things ever invented. except maybe for love and condoms. all of which have many many uses. 000515
De Profundis lost in thought pondering the scary/erotic feeling of cold steel against my skin.

nicking myself up would probably be more entertaining if i was more of a bleeder
Tybay are addictive
i hate them
a crutch to throw away

they arent rusty
they are bloody
Natalie give pleasurable pain, they kill all emotion of despair, grief, depression, and make you too weak to deal with problems normally after you've done it once, they make scars that make you more of an outsider than you already were, using it against your skin becomes this addiction that can lead to suicide, it causes you to become insane when you try to quit, using them causes you to think to yourself, 'why does anyone care anyways, im only hurting myself, not anyone else' when really its not true, your just causing emotional pain for friends, s/o's, family. the cutting causes the same emotional pain that you kill with the razorblade, but if you sit and think about it, your problems are only held off with cutting for only a coupld f hours, then what, when it comes back you just keep cutting and cutting until the razor itself overpowers you and causes one single deep long slit across your wrist ending everything in the matter of minutes, cutting is the path to disaster in everyway, and here i am, on that exact path, knowing exactly how things will turn out in my life, if i continue this nonsense of keeping and using my razor everytime i become to weak to deal with my problems. tats all i have to say ...for now 031202
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