monadh i go around the way
with my mind in a land and time
somehow distant somehow so far away
closer than heaven slower than a day
is it this breath that keeps me feeling
or the songs and streams i find
on my way
monadh I could sleep forever if i only knew you would be there.. 010907
g.p.o.h satan spends eternity fucking bad poets with spikrd objects. repent now before it is too late. 010907
Aimee I'm still scared I'm going to wake up. I don't want to find out this has all been one wonderful dream because then, I'm back to square one, and it will all be different.... 010914
vampers living in my dreams has gotten me no where. im still in reality crying out. 010914
Inanna For most people it is the lower astral plane, and you are sometimes still in it when you first wake up. I have lucid dreams in vivid color. 010914
distorted tendencies Black and white
Ethereal and calm
With the undertone of monotonous sadness
birdmad maybe later


til then i'll add another sleeper to the liquor_bottle_graveyard on top of the shelf
distorted tendencies Because I have someone new.. Acquiring you was a living dream. 020310
reitoei banging on the walls of nothing. my screams echoing down the endless passage ways of your mind, falling into chasms of unknowing. please dont wake. i know my moments are numbered, my exsitence slowly fading as the tenous night slips by. i want to live forever, dancing through the ether, untouched by your mortal troubles. the alarm clock goes off. mingled in its screeching harbinger of awareness is my death cry, for i shall never walk again 020310
jane i wish 020607
Torch Living in dreams is how I would like to live my life. I occasionaly get to walk around without a care in the world with a smile on my face. But that only lasts for so long. Some how there is always someone or something that comes along and brings me back to reality. 020608
ashmanzhou this zhou lives in dreams
he stalks the paths of other thought
Webley if only I could stop time during De Ja Vu, I would know why it was happening again. 040212
jane its a glitch in the blatrix 040213
ms sing Living in dreams
no not really
living in contentment
not feeling fulfilled
feeling the world whiz by
it's the lonliest feeling
it's dry and arid
like the desert
pete dreaming in life, caught a moment too late, wishing for a three second delay. 080106
pete i'm a wisher not a doer. 080106
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