like rain. tears me up inside, stitches me back together. shows all through covering my eyes. gives me the world in one moment, in so many intangibilities.

oh, to be intangible...
monadh these memories that shift and slide
alwasy remaining alive yet somehow
so fleeting
and reserved
nathan blood through the crack drips down into the waiting ceiling fan.

pitter splatter.
Death of a Rose washing the smiles right off my face 040329
meg He is like rain
His finger tips tickle the surface of my skin
Cooling each unmarked path with a sweet kiss
Each droplet pure and crystalline

I breathe him in
He gives a turrent of new life
Making me shatterproof, stong
My life, untoucheable

I close my eyes
And he surrounds me
Warming the places in my heart
That I had left forgotten and frozen

He speaks in languages
Unheard of
His words are meant to be felt
It is your heart that must listen

He sings to me in my dreams
Plays with the light
Brings laughter and happiness

I find my meaning in him
My life, my future
All my love I save for him
For he is like rain
Alanis Morrisette like raaaain on your wedding day...... 040329
puredream rain man? 040630
paging . 040720
puredream I see the same passion and beauty as the rain falls, when I look into your eyes.
I feel the same comfort and love when the rain surrounds me, when you wrap your arms around.
I smell the same aromas and fragrances of the rain, when you are close by.
I taste the same purity and gentleness in the rain, when I kiss you.
I hear the same sounds and pitterpatters of the rain, when I listen to your heart beat.
I know the same forever of the rain, when I have your hand in mine.

How is it that you became like_rain?
How is it that I found you so very soon...
How is it that I wouldn't give you up for the world...
How is it that I love you so...

How is it that you are like_rain?
lucky "You are like rain."

"You ARE the rain."
zeke the wind through whispered grasses fell
like rain
but cold on cheeks
and coming in waves that made a rhythm

i feel the cold on skin as drops
impact cools
and waiting for the soft diffusion of drips
that do not run down

and stops
pete the clouds are full, waiting to drop their silence, like rain 040813
pete like the rain, oh like the rain 070101
what's it to you?
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