matt groening a woman without a man is like a fish run over by a bicycle. 990111
psyki that's lame.
that's the comic.
marjorie i think it all began when you stopped asking questions
and then there was no sound
because i never ask anything
that would ruin my omniscient guise
but when you decided that questions were not important
that's when hell began
i burned for you to ask a question
silentbob i knew what hell was for 17 years until i met alicia 000613
Norm I say at least it's not comfortable warm or snowing. 010901
blue star perpetual sexual tension. 020505
sabbie toastie and warm. satan, saitie to his friends, is often busy, its not like it used to be when you could jsut wander up to his office for a cuppa and a chat. now hes busy screaming around, here appearing in some guys maccas burger, there in some girls misted mirror to explain that really, all those loosers, its not him.

you know, i dont think hes eating properly, hes getting all skinny with worry and strees.

i wish people would stop hasseling him. his mother and i are worried about him.
BrotherDB Hell is truly a state of mind. Once you realize that there are so many people out there who have it so much worse then you do. I am bipolar. Was goth in high school. I wasn't until I visited somewhere that was so poor that the people lived 12 to a shack that is no bigger than my dorm room that I realized just how truly lucky I really was. For all of you out there who, believe that their lives are pure hell, because they don't get along with their parents, or because their girlfriends just broke up with them. Do not look at all the things around you and see them as the chains and shackels that hold you down, see them as the stepping stones for you to make your life better. At least you do not live on the street. At least you have a computer to gripe on. You have at least one person in your life that loves you(whether you know it or not). If you have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and at least 1 friend that you can confide in then you should be pretty damn happy. 020506
silentbob and music. music helps too. 020506
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