Quintessensual Dear ... (you know who you are),

Like you, she has that most beautiful, most alluring, thing - a mind of her own. So, yes, she, like you, did do it alone, of her own free will, in her own way, for her own satisfaction, and with a magnificence beyond descripion. And like you, she had somebody at the bottom both supremely confident that she would succeed completely and biting his teeth. So she, like you, did it alone, but not all alone. Thank you for inviting me to participate.

... (being drawn to find out)

Copr. 1999 (jointly)
birdmad might as well 000903
Barrett Go head and...
Forget it and..
kady sometimes i wish i didn't think so much. because them i could just JUMP 001203
Taya ...fuckable...
...I'll make you jump...
...I'll make you scream my name...
...as you cream your pants...
...I'll make you jump...
...I'll ride you...
...oh my...
Death of a Rose Into the yawning abyss;
Crawling the weave, you cast
My eyes everywhere.
Their road leads to oblivion,
We walk to extinction.

I've sung many a silent dirge,
To half remembered wounds.
And when new stars appear,
My funeral song will ride the 'Illiad'.

That is why before I dive
Towards the Mirror, I should
Wish for nothing more than
A nerve tingling kiss from you.
laced She hates for me to say
I love her, so we are
just friends, long distance
for this and that instant
and so I fool myself
in small amounts, to
try and forget when
my heart got carried away
and leaped suicidal from my lips
saying to her again and again
I love you, I love you, I love you
josie http://thejumpseries.blog.com/ 100921
SapphirePenny a TRULY
annoying David Lee Roth song

what the HECK did he mean
to write a song like that anyway?

into suicides?

choose Life


that was a really dumb song


ergot hum anyway proclaim

what's it to you?
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