kayla man I love my boyfriend with all my heart, but he loves me to but he always lies to me I mean he just got out of jail and he said he'd change but now he is out and it is back to the same old shit He puts his friend chris first I mean I was here way before chris and it seems that he would rather be with chris then me he tells me how much he loves me and would stand in front of a car for me then he always makes me cry by lieing about whether if its at chris' house or not he just got out of jail today and who did he go see not me but chris I really want to be with him but i am always so upset stuck in the house cause he does'nt want me going anywhere without him and so I don't talk to any of my friends but then he can go where ever he wants but I still have to stay home and if I leave then were over and he calls me crazy cause he does all these things and I yell at him for it I just want to get over him and not care but for some reason I can't man alls I want is my fuck'n life back and him not in it nomore 11 months of this bulshit I can't take it any longer and if I do I will go insane 031118
smurfus rex I don't want to be an alarmist here, but you're not exactly in the safest relationship, y'know? I'm not going to tell you what you should do, cause Lord knows that didn't work for my sister, so I'll just suggest a couple of things:

1. Shouldn't he trust you enough not to be worried about what you do with your own personal free time?

2. Is it really fair that he gets to see his friends but you don't get to see yours?

3. What would you say to your best girl friend if she was in your position?

There are better ways to live your life than being caged up in your own home.
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