pSyche you can't win
you're a loser
you'll never accomplish anything
you suck
everything you touch breaks
so don't even bother
stop right now
and give up
because we all know that
sirflaccid Think about it for god sakes.

Why the hell do I get it. Why do you get it. Why isn't there a need for an explination.

No one is talking but there is a fuckin' conversation going on.

Don't tell me it was something you learned over the years. It was that way from day one.
unhinged when i don't think so much, i'm happier 070530
poet cheers! 070610
no reason i seem to have to give up on people a lot 090413
unhinged on_anger
expectation leads to disappointment
the only thing i have come to expect from people
is that they will leave

to place one (or some)
above all others
only leads to suffering

i give_up
i am no longer searching
for the perfect love
seems those aren't for me

small happiness
is the best of all
(your separate life
far away
without me
is the reality)
heartfeltsuperego sure thing.

I engaged in happenstance conversation with an elderly man (a pensioner) this evening at a coffee and donut shop. He sat beside me and sighed deeply. He started it.
Unhappy with himself, his progeny and his life thus far, he proclaimed he wished he were dead, that he were never born, that lack of money is the key to his misfortunes and he traced these troubles to the nepotist "foreigners" who took the jobs. Everything I said to him was useless. His anger was seething. Finally he said he didn't want to talk to me anymore. I apologized for upsetting him, got up from my table and left the place.
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