jane symptoms of a ginger overdose include sleepiness, confusion, dizziness & irregular heartbeats 040928
uow wild ginger (asarum canadense) can make a person very ill when ingested. it can cause severe nausea and vomiting.

it is a beautiful plant. smells lovely.
the forest is full of it.
uow *large doses=nausea&vomiting) 040928
ever dumbening i bought this bag full of candied ginger from berkeley bowl (with whom i'm having a bit of a falling out, but that's another story) and man was it hard to stop eating. i don't know about nausea, but i think i probably started halluncinating. visions of olive-skinned women with trays of thai iced tea. 040928
daxle no way dude. i was at the weighing counter today eyeing those things and ultimately decided not to get them. if only i had known about the hallucinations! 040928

i said asarum canadense but i think the kind i see in my woods could actually be ansarum caudatum.
two people i know each drank a couple cups of tea made from the whole plant material (roots and leaves) and it made them quite sick for a night, but then they felt really good the next day. (cleansing experience they said)

i think the tea was made a little too strong and they probably shouldn't have used the leaves. but oh well.
* ansarum=asarum 040929
uow i've never heard of regular store bought ginger causing nausea though, by the way. just the wild stuff. it's different. 040929
emmi it's good to chew on ginger if you're feeling nauseated... it works for motion sickness
mmm spicy fresh juicy
choo choo A dicotyledonous native species of eastern North America, Asarum canadense, is also known as "wild ginger", and its root has similar aromatic properties, but it is not related to true ginger and should not be used as a substitute because it contains the carcinogen aristolochic acid. This plant is also a powerful diuretic, or urinary stimulator. It is part of the Aristolochiaceae family (not Zingiberaceae) 060627
unhinged not possible 140115
flowerock The crystallized ginger is very addicting! and so sugary. It is probably the sugar not the ginger. Are there ginger treats similar to crystallized ginger that are not so sugary? hmmm. 140120
unhinged make your own
then you can control the amount of sugar

i make ginger tea from the root as liquid ibuprofen
when my shoulder gets bad
not sure if it helps
it definitely doesnt hurt
e_o_i mmmm ginger tea with real ginger.

Definitely good for a sore throat.
unhinged real ginger tea is good for everything; ginger is an amazing little rhizome 140121
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