bob of or having to do with feces wars 991117

babs johnson
harbinger all that is divine
we banish.
then we wish for the divine.

wants to cry.
Madame Justine I have met the most divine being on earth. I was blinded by his glory. 010829
ClairE Ha, like Brown!


Golden birth.

Divine = decadent or divine = deity. Your pick.
I like the letter "d".
distorted tendencies A drag queen. 011224
god where grapes grow 011225
taintedluv the macrocosm 040127
meeeeeeeeeeeeg the human body, divine. 050706
dot to forgive 050706
jio jio 100215
Soma I believe, in my heart of hearts
Tucked away from my friends, who I hear mock those who find faith and belief in something larger. I keep it secret... But I pray. I live as an extension of the Divine in my own way.

It's human nature to attribute patterns to something greater. I can't deny this.
And my chance patterns aren't rationale enough to justify my belief.
But I do.

This week has been hard.
I've waited and prayed, weeping, in my car for my bear_daughter to come home to me. To leave the house where she knows hurt, and find a home with a family more than blood. Two years, I've waited. Sending my love and my prayers from afar.

This week she was so frail. Thirteen days left until she comes here and she's falling to pieces. I worry I'll lose her now, when she's closer than ever before. So many things going wrong. Bad_luck. The things that make me doubt the Divine loves us at all.

Her pet was dying. I offer a prayer, that it goes quietly, in the night, and head to bed. I wake, 3am, restless and cursing being awake. I go pee, and head back to bed, checking my phone. The damn thing is bugged. I try to reset it. It won't turn on. I get up. I fiddle with it. Thirty minutes later it finally boots up.
Two minutes later I get a text, silenced by my settings for night. It's passed. We talk.

Luck? Divinity?

I don't know.
But I still pray.
what's it to you?
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