andrea i just remember that one time
during chamber singers
jennifer was eating
a mini box of cornflakes
or some cereal
and i took a picture

copyright 2000
psyki generic food for the masses. 000124
chasity once my boyfriend and I looked up "how were cornflakes invented?" on and it gave us this website where this guy was trying all these non-cereal products as cereal. For example, wheat thins and milk..then he would give a review on if it tasted good or not. I can't find it anymore and thats how i got here 000831
typhoid cornflakes as chastity... hehe. and graham_crackers too... 000831
heel turn as opposed to KoRnflakes

frosted with bile
occcasionally palatable, but usually not
god squadorpooditoo 011019
silentbob i eat them at nighttime 011020
sheryl I bake them on my chicken
mixed with honey
fairbecca cornflakes, scornflakes, davidallencoe-nflakes, nice and covered up with white milk. Likely to be SOPPED up with WHITE bread. Tasteless, bland, fluffy noncommital and, now that I think of it, useless. What factory could be proud of them? What toungue relishes the texture? Am I hungry for food or for love? Love in a box. argh, not another, please! Not tonight, dear. I have a headache. ok... 031120
Jabberwock Hmm...I have never eaten corn flakes...make me think what other stuff I'm missing out on... 031120
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