Mahayana Contentment: the foremost wealth. 020713
a thousand you can see the stars from her window and the bed is warm.
won't you stay.
but i wish i could and i wish i could tell you.
whitechocolatewalrus if only it could last forever. 031216
ShnizelCheese Simple things, Sunshine, Wet Grass, Employment, Love, Hugging, Cuddling, Strange Quirks...

i Find Contentment in these.
Death of a Rose i am a beggar. 031231
Scottypottamus I can think
I can fast
I can wait
blown cherry it's one of those strange times when I feel so utterly at peace and content with how my life is going. I'd feared I'd given that up a few months back, butit's returned to me now. Myabe it just has to do with how much stuff I'm trying to load into my brain, and maybe I've achieved the right balance again. Maybe it's just cause summer is coming again.

But at the same time there is a thin layer of cloud, guilt, things are not so great elsewhere, so close to home, and yet my contentment continues to sit in it's self satisfied way in my belly. Well, if the unthinkable happens, if hell is unleashed in the hearts of those I care about, hopefully it will consume my self-satisfied content, and me with it so that my penance can be paid.
nandita I went out with curly on an almost-date today. I really enjoyed myself.

I mentioned you once and it wasn't out of place and it didn't make me miss you, or make me feel guilty or angry or anything.

Hung out just the way you and I used to but it was so much more chilled out. No expectations, no competition and so much more care for each other.
a clever disguise I don't pray.
I don't meditate (per_se).

But I do reflect.

Today, I reflect on this word and hope to bring it out from within myself.

Not because I got what I wanted, but because everything I have is beautiful.
what's it to you?
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