p2 inspired by: blather_on_my_computer

a java app
that mimics blather
that uses any jdbc/odbc compliant db
for those of us
without apache or mysql

tack that on to
my to_do_list

please add any special feature requests here:
- ability to change background color
- editing capability
p2 oops
inspired by: blather_on_your_computer
u24 it's seems we're all building blathers.
I've been trying to do a PHP version.

let me know how you get on, I'm intensely interested.
u24 -a more 'front end' based way to see a who page for someone. (d'ya ken?) 041122
p2 what do you mean by
more front-end?

i've seen your php blather enhancements
and i bow to the master

i've also been meaning to add a pic
i'll do that tonight
really ;)
p2 as i think about it though
i think one of the greatest things about blather
is that you cannot edit it
you cannot delete an entry
in a fit of depression
or rage
or sobriety

so i think i shall revoke that feature
even before it was written
u24 yeah, lack of editing makes blather a lot of things, but doesn't make it bad.

I mean, if I want to look up all your blathes, I either have to wait till I see something you've written and click you, or click someone else and replace the name. it would be good to have something like the_blatherskite_directory built in to blather.

any other ideas for enhancements? I was considering whether it would be useful to xref more than 2 people. and of course the directory has to have a /red version (can't beleive I forgot that originally)

email notifications!, like, I want to know when something new is posted to 'blah' (or whatever), so blather emails me when it is. that would rock hard.

see also blathersuggestions
u24 josh's suggestion on the abovementioned, at 981013 is a good one (anchored who links) 041123
p2 wow
a lot of good suggestions
i feel like i fell into the deep end of the pool

i was going to write a java app
that mimics blather
ergo, blatheresque
but being integrated with blather
is cool too
but it may be a little over my head
and sending emails in java
requires installation of
the java activation framework

first i've got to finish
the other stuff
on my to_do_list

u24, can you host the source & binaries
when i finish?
u24 of course!

I would be honoured.
pete cold lips on warm lips 041123
u24 how's progress? 050120
p2 backwards

i still haven't started anything
i've added more things to my to_do_list

my to_do_list
is a downward spiral
from hereon in

this is one project that is likely
to die by the wayside
mockingbird p2pblather 051218
mockingbird (interesting)
cross-reference: p2p_blather
meta met 051219
meta meta 051219
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