PiRho make no errors and need no delete. for all things must have errors or your soul will become trapped in your creation. seeing is not always beleiving or is doubting the same as admitting you do not understand the fullness of the power of love all without exception forgetting those who know not mercy is free for all who ask whereas none who fear is the power of darkness reigns in those who invite all things into reality is both subjective and objective is known to all on a level that is easy to ignore nothing true love is created not found in a bar fights are the result of too many people in the wrong place your finger on the end of the world is near to the corner store is out of mustard seeds are all that is needed to move a hill of beans sprout in seven days was all that was needed to create all the world trade is needed for life as we find the stars glitter in the moonlight without fear and disgusting bread found on the floor of the bus covered by dirt on the window becomes mud as the rain splatters on the floor pouring between the cracks on the window finding no distain from the hole in the waffle where the syrup flows incescently but stopping up the drain is not but or always indeed. work harder play less your destiny is in the hands of those who wish they had control over you but you must first give them permission to freely distort your reality.

help. as always
miniver "Left, up, right, up, right, down, right, up, right,...down, right,...down, left, head for the fruit, then finish up the dots..." 001031
to correct and learn
you need to fuck it up first
irthesteve im writing this sentence withan... without any backspaces to... be... this isnt working out very well, i .... how to finish this. its pointless. this isnt really .... has no point, yea w... it would suck to type without any backspace, like back in the sa... day with typewriters. thank god for computers 030619
god let me invade your backspace, baby 030619
what's it to you?
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