birdmad deep clouds

dust blows in and blocks out the setting sun's last light


thunder in the distance and the wind gusts hard and sharp (watch your head if the tweakers next door haven't secured all of their stray sheet metal)

broken_trees and mixed debris

a little flash of lightning here and there

cold raindrops in a hot july

ebb and flow
come and go

the storm comes without a discernible rhythm

clattering of objects outside

unlike other places i have been this is not ideal for frolicking_in_the_rain

the extra strain of the jetliners on the flightpath struggling against the headwinds and their turbine engines roaring more loudly at having to breath the thickening air
she I take it the storm made it over to you?

And here I was thinking that flying tweaker debris was only in Queen Creek. Silly me.
rain bird nope, i've got fugitives from Apache Junction or Gila Bend (god only knows) living next door, although this batch is a lot nicer than the other ones, never any pounding and banging on metal parts in the wee hours like their predecessors/relatives - just a teensy bit weirder- they had a ratty, slightly creepy scarecrow-looking dummy in an army jacket standing next to the front door for awhile and they keep a fenced in yard full of all sorts of scrap metal and i'm almost within walking distance of downtown 020723
she Do they have eighteen wheelers full of Sudafed showing up in the middle of the night, by any chance?

No, the ones out here are horrible. Living in BFE, it gets pretty dark at night and they'll sneak on your property and go through your stuff for anything that's colorful or shiny. *L*

Anyway, it was nice to get rain, was it not?
birdmad yeah.

thanks to sunday night's rain which took care of that problem, the city didn't smell like wet dog after last night's storm,

just like rain

just sad that in this heat, not even the puddles last very long

just that vague sensation of feeling like a vegetable on a steam tray when you step outside
she That's a very fitting description. I was thinking along the lines of sitting in lukewarm bath water.

It appears we might get another one tonight. Cross your fingers.
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