unhinged something i quickly cover
a pain
a gasp
a glimpse

see also:
Soma of regret.

but it only lasted momentarily.
BnB I always associated this with shiver for some reason... 090222
In_Bloom As a recognition of shared positives
It's not at all like cringe
unhinged like a pinched nerve
parts seemingly unconnected
but one can't live without the other
and when one gets cut off
the other twinges

not really positive at all
in my world
although and then again
nothing seems to be lately
my heart gets pinched
and my brain twinges
trying to come up with a brightside
left empty_handed

there is a certain amount of pain
in the twinge
the pinching too much
the pain too much
for one part to handle


this_song came on the radio yesterday
and it pinched my heart
which brought the twinge of a smile to my lips
i smile
the best deception
i smile
or maybe it was more of a smirk
in which case my theory is supported

gotta look in the eyes
they tell the whole truth
unhinged months later and the feeling still remains
my heart hurts so much
that the rest of me is beginning to suffer

the photographic_memory of him
reaching down to kiss her
exactly why_we_dont_hang_anymore
my ability to be the third wheel
worn off years ago
. . 090530
unhinged the cavs lost the eastern conference finals tonight
and the cleveland ohio part of me
unhinged we were supposed to be celebrating
but underneath there was an unyielding sadness
of ending
of death

and we hugged fiercely
not wanting to let go
i wanted to squeeze the sadness out
of me
of you
and my biceps twinged with the effort
knowing it wasn't enough
'come back here'
i could have hugged you all night
z is the feeling that happens when one has just hit the enter button after writing a questionable or unfortunate tweet 091013
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